About Us:

Transport Company To4nite was established in 2001 and specialises in the transfer of passengers to and from airports Bucharest, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas, as well as to all cities and tourist destination in Bulgaria.

We have offices in Sofia, Varna and Rousse and a 24-hour customer service center. Transfers are made with comfortable cars and drivers with long experience in the carriage of passengers.


Express Shuttle to Bucharest-grouping-45 lv. Ruse-Bucharest-99 LV. Varna-Bucharest

 Express Shuttle

Order VIP Car to Bucharest-four with XXL luggage

VIP car

Order taxi to Bucharest-family package


Order a minivan to Bucharest




Company To4nite performs transfers to and from the airports in Bucharest, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Sofia, Varna and Bourgas.
Our representative will meet you at the airport and take you to an address chosen by you.

If you have a flight, we will pick you up at the address and transfer you to your desired airport.

Цени за трансфер до летище БукурещЦени за трансфер до летище ВарнаЦени за трансфер до летище БургасЦени за трансфер до летище ИстанбулЦени за трансфер до летище СолунЦени за трансфер до летище ПловдивЦени за трансфер до летище СофияЦени за трансфер до летище Белград

Registration Form
Details of your travel
About your luggage
Please fill in the number of your suitcases.

Before filling in the registration form please familiarize yourself with the following conditions:
1. Reservation at least 24 hours prior to the trip
2. Until 17:00 p.m. on the previous day, the company operator will contact you to confirm or cancel the reservation
3. The transport is carried out with licensed taxi vehicles.

Why us?

Comfortable and technically upright cars

Consistent with working conditions across borders

Attention to detail

Organization and control of your travel, from the moment of registration to the arrival of the endpoint requested by you.

Experienced drivers

With many years of experience in the carriage of passengers

Affordable prices

We offer quality service, proven in years!

Friend in Need is know

We can face sudden situations, no matter where you are.


24 hour service and booking


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a taxi from ruse to Bucharest?
You can order a taxi from Rousse to Bucharest on the 24-hour phone 082 21 22 22 or from the menu transfers on the site to4nite.bg. You can take advantage of the new service – Route taxis with indicative departure times From ruse or to order a private taxi. The service is from the customer's address in the town of Rousse.

How can I order a taxi from Bucharest to ruse?
You can order a taxi from Bucharest to Rousse on the 24-hour phone 082 21 22 22 or if you are abroad, the easiest way is to order a taxi on the website to4nite.bg the taxi driver will meet you at the airport at the specified time. You can take advantage of the new service – Route taxis with indicative hours of departure from Otopeni Airport (Henry Coanda) Or order your own fees.

What is the cost of a person's travel from ruse to Bucharest?
For combined travel, the price is 45 BGN. Per person for travel in one Direction – Ruse Bucharest or Bucharest ruse. When using a private car with up to three passengers, the price is 89.90 BGN. Total for the car. Cars with the ability to travel 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 people are offered and the price is different. You can see the packages To4nite.com.

Is there a discount if you travel a few people?
Yes, depending on the number of passengers you can select the appropriate package. For example, for self-renting a car at a price of 89.90 lv. And three passengers, the price per person comes out 29.97 lv. If you are a group of 8 people, the price is only 20 BGN. per person.

Group of how many people can travel in a taxi along the ruse Bucharest route?
A standard taxi can travel up to three people, including a room for standard baggage. To4nite offers cars on the route ruse Bucharest Ruse and for 4 people with XXL luggage. You can choose a package for 5, 6 and up to 8 people in a minibus.

How much baggage can I travel in the cab?
At the service at a minimum price of 45 BGN. You can travel with a standard luggage per person. When renting a private car you can use the full capacity of the trunk. You can also order a van (large wagon) at a price of 120 lv.

Do you travel to other addresses in Bucharest?
Yes, you can order a taxi to the bus station to the Nord railway station, to the Bulgarian consulate and to any address in Bucharest. Here you can see the prices for transportation from ruse to other addresses in Bucharest.

Do you travel from other cities in Bulgaria to Romania?
Yes, you can order a taxi from any Bulgarian city to Bucharest or from Bucharest to any Bulgarian city. Popular routes in which we travel are Varna Bucharest, Shumen Bucharest, Razgrad Bucharest, Targovishte Bucharest, Sofia Bucharest, Gabrovo Bucharest, Veliko Tarnovo Bucharest, Svishtov Bucharest, Dobrich Bucharest, Pleven Bucharest and others.

How long before the trip should the application be made?
The reservation must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

When will you confirm your request?
Until 17:00 p.m. on the previous day, the company's operator will contact you to confirm or cancel the booking.

Can I engage a taxi in both directions along the ruse-Bucharest-Ruse route and what is the price?
Yes, a trip in both directions Ruse-Bucharest-Ruse costs 120.00 BGN. Included 3 hours stay.

How long does the journey from ruse to Bucharest to Otopeni Airport (Henry Coanda) go?
Travel time from Rousse to Bucharest on average is 90 minutes. When travelling in traffic hours/07:00 PM – 11:00 PM – 16:00 – 20:30 H/With taxi from ruse to Bucharest it is necessary to anticipate more time to move + 30 to 50 minutes.

How do you guarantee the quality of the service?
The transport is carried out with licensed taxi cars, maintained and technically upright cars and vans, fully complying with the conditions of work abroad-insurance-green card for the whole of Europe, Romanian
Annual vignettes. See all the benefits of the licensed transport.



Combined Travel

Company To4nite It introduces route taxis with indicative departure times. The service includes service to and from address in the City of Ruse!

Ruse – Bucharest: 1:30 PM /4:00 PM /8:00 PM /10:30 PM /13:30 PM /16:00 PM /19:30 PM
Bucharest – Ruse: 1:30 PM /3:30 PM /10:00 PM /12:00 PM /14:30 PM /18:30 PM /22:30 PM

Contact Us:

Rousse, Blvd. Tsar Osvoboditel 156, Central Bus Station + 359 82 212222

Varna, VL Varnenchik 158, Central bus station + 359 52 900090

Sofia, ul. Sredna Gora 48 + 359 2 9777777

info@to4nite.bg office@to4nite.bg sales@to4nite.bg